Lets welcome the new members! I want to start by bragging about one of the newest members that need no introduction at all, lets welcome [KT] Kingston (Kiny for his friends), as you now, one of the top players (or the top one?) from Mexico! Lets also welcome our new friend from Colombia [KT] CondorAndino, [KT] Dossier and [KT] Zizou98, [KT] Lizard King from Peru, [KT] Rim3 joining us from Argentina just like [KT]_Stuart, and an entire gentlemen [KT] Obi_Juan_S from Venezuela (but from Argentina).

So happy to see the family growing and not only in numbers but the play level is increasing a lot!

Congratulations to FeAge and Faraon for winning the 2vs2 Batman and Robin tournament! And also thanks everybody for participating specially for those making sure to play your games!

Also I want to welcome the new members, yeas more members are coming onboard! Lets welcome [KT] Dabighead joining us from Peru, and [KT] be_Icen from Mexico, welcome to the team guys!

Lets welcome the newest Knights of Tharsis! [KT] Mystigan joins us from USA, one of the top TG players, the master chef (they say his food last week was awesome!) [KT] bet52 from Mexico, [KT] Fo from Chile and [KT] David_Vortex from Mexico, one of the survivors of the old guard!

First let’s welcome [KT] soccersmed joining us from US, [KT] Hitokiri from Venezuela, [KT] Revolver Ocelot from Chile and [KT] GoldRage from Colombia!

We are also getting to the Group Stage final round of the 2vs2 tournament, remember to catch up with games that are still pending!

Demosle la bienvenida a [KT] soccersmed de US, [KT] Hitokiri de Venezuela, [KT] Revolver Ocelot de Chile y a [KT ]GoldRage de Colombia!

Tambien nos estamos acercando a la ronda final de la fase de grupos del torneo 2vs2, recuerde jugar los juegos que tegan pendientes!

Quiero darle una calurosa bienvenida a los nuevos miembros! [KT]_Tea se nos une desde Inglaterra, asi como [KT] Guam de USA, y nuestros viejos amigos [KT]Obiper que al fin nos alcanzo en el DE y el eterno [KT]YagaRetso! Gracias por acompañarnos en esta familia!

I would like to give a warm welcome to the new members! [KT]_Tea joins us from UK, as well as [KT] Guam from the USA, and our old friends [KT] Obiper that finally is on DE and the immortal [KT]YagaRetso! Thanks for joining our family!

Todo listo para el torneo! Aqui las parejas enamoradas, recuerden tienen una semana para jugar sus juegos! Aca en el foro pueden ponerse de acuerdo si asi lo desean y DEBEN publicar el resultado, si gustan pueden subir el rec game.

All set for the tournament! Here are the in love couples, remember that you have a week to finish the round! In the forum you can schedule the match if desired and you MUST post the result there, you can also upload the rec games if you want.

Como te gustaria que se armaran las duplas? El Top 1 + The Lowest one? O hacer dos grupos, Top Tier y Bottom Tier, y que sea un jugador de 1 Top + 1 Bot? Cualquier duda deja tu comentario en el post.

How would you like the teams to be made? Top 1 + Lowest one? Or two tiers, Top and Bottom and just have 1 Top + 1 Bot?

Como te gustarian que se formaran los equipos?

[KT] shadeshade se integro al clan despues de jugar varias sesiones con nosotros, y se estreno con un mega juego en el que quedamos 4vs3, y por un momento 4vs2, y DJINN y shadeshades rifaron!

[KT} shadeshade joined the clan after spending a couple of games with us, and tonight he pulled out a really good game together with DJINN in a game where JBS dropped and I got wiped out, it was basically a 4vs2 at some point and this two guys did a great job! Welcome shade!